Our team

Our mission

At Global Shield, we envision a world in which all governments have acted decisively to reduce and, where possible, eliminate global catastrophic risk. Our mission is to ensure countries around the world enact and effectively implement policies that reduce global catastrophic risk.

Our team

Jared Brown

Cofounder and Executive Director

As Executive Director, Jared is responsible for strategic management of Global Shield. He also leads Global Shield’s policy advocacy with the U.S. government on all-hazards global catastrophic risk, such as on the implementation of the Global Catastrophic Risk Management Act (GCRMA) and new legislative initiatives. 

Jared was previously the Director of U.S. and International Policy at the Future of Life Institute. At FLI, he focused on improving technology policy in the public and private sectors, particularly related to AI systems, to maximize the benefits of these technologies through the mitigation of their catastrophic risks. His work included active advocacy with U.S. and international policymakers and the provision of formal advice on draft and official policy. He previously worked as an Analyst in Emergency Management and Homeland Security Policy at the U.S. Congressional Research Service, where he confidentially advised the U.S. Congress on a range of critical policy topics, including the authorization and use of the Defense Production Act and many emergency response programs of the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. He holds a B.S. in Social Psychology and an M.P.P. with a special emphasis is humanitarian crisis management.

Contact Jared at jared(dot)brown(at)globalshieldpolicy(dot)org.

Rumtin Sepasspour

Cofounder and Director of Policy

As Director of Policy, Rumtin is responsible for Global Shield’s research and development of policies to reduce all-hazards global catastrophic risk. He leads the development of the Global Shield newsletter and other publications. Together with Jared, he leads the strategic direction of the organization, including plans for global expansion, engagement in multilateral processes and partnerships with research and advocacy organizations.

Prior to Global Shield, Rumtin’s 20-year career spanned across policy, business and research. Most recently, Rumtin was an independent researcher, adviser and public advocate for the ways governments can reduce existential and global catastrophic risk. He has led pragmatic and pioneering research in the field of GCR policy, including on all-hazards policy approaches to GCR, policy engagement by the expert community, and policy options for reducing GCR. He has published on the role of intelligence communities to help reduce existential risk, AI risk and governance, and Australian policy towards nuclear risk and national risk. Prior to this, Rumtin had a successful career in the Australian Public Service as a policy officer in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and an intelligence analyst in Australia’s Department of Defence. He is a Research Affiliate of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge and a Visiting Fellow with the School of Regulation and Global Governance at the Australian National University.

Contact Rumtin at rumtin(dot)sepasspour(at)globalshieldpolicy(dot)org.

Courtney Tee

Senior officer

As Senior Officer, Courtney works across the organization to help deliver on strategic, operational, and policy goals of the organization. She is particularly focused on preparing Global Shield to scale, leading on communications and external affairs, and supporting international partnerships and initiatives.

Courtney has spent her career in policy and advocacy NGOs. In her previous role, she worked with peace, security, and diplomacy programs at One Earth Future Foundation, gaining experience across global issues areas like women peace and security, bilateral negotiations, and nuclear risk reduction. She eventually joined the OEF program Open Nuclear Network full time, where she stood up and led the Office of Foresight and Prediction. There, she implemented an innovative approach to measuring the risk of nuclear catastrophe through forecasting and worked with specialists and stakeholders to connect foresight to risk reduction work. Prior to this, Courtney served at policy and advocacy organizations focused on education, housing, and other pressing domestic issues. She occasionally teaches philosophy classes as an adjunct professor at her undergraduate alma mater, specializing in epistemology and social issues. Courtney has a B.S. from Abilene Christian University and a Master’s from Harvard University. 

You can reach out to her at courtney(dot)tee[at]globalshieldpolicy(dot)org.

Ariel Conn

Original cofounder

Ariel was a cofounder of Global Shield, leaving for personal reasons in November 2023. Ariel previously founded Mag10 Consulting, which helps organizations communicate and advocate for science and technology. She led the IEEE-SA Research Group on Issues of Autonomy and AI for Defense Systems, where she led a group of experts to develop a more nuanced understanding of autonomous weapons technologies. She also cofounded TANGO Future. Her work covers a range of issues, including global diversity issues, autonomous weapons systems, AI ethics and policy, nuclear weapons, climate change, and other global catastrophic risks. She also seeks to bridge the communications and knowledge gaps between technical experts, policy makers, industry, and the public. At TANGO and now with Global Shield, her focus is on bringing more underrepresented voices to these discussions, in order to more successfully and equitably address many of the world’s biggest risks. She was formerly the Director of Communication and Outreach at the Future of Life Institute (FLI). She’s also previously worked with NASA, the Idaho National Laboratory, the National Energy Technology Laboratory, MIT, Virginia Tech, ALLFED, the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, and the Global Challenges Foundation. She holds a B.A. in English, a B.S. in physics, and an M.S. in geophysics.

Reach out to Ariel through her Linkedin